Since 2010, we set out as a business challenge to devote a small part of our resources to helping those most in need. Home Actually has been working for several years with various NGOs, S as UNICEF, GREEN AFRICA FOUNDATION, OWN YOUR FUTURE GHANA FOUNDATION, etc.


Everyone knows about the work that does UNICEF in the third world and we have been able to collaborate with them in several humanitarian aid campaigns such as “help for the horn of Africa” ​​or the development of schools in Africa, among others.


A foundation that is doing many other humanitarian projects in Kenya and to which a great commitment unites us is GREEN AFRICA FOUNDATION. Founded in Kenya in 2000 with an extraordinary approach, “do not give me the fish, teach me how to fish”, based on practical projects aimed at greening the African continent. It is articulated through the concept of a green village in Africa where communities commit themselves to a series of activities that are sustainable for the conservation of the environment and natural resources, the guarantee of food security, policy dialogue and the promotion of social integration through the construction of peace.
Una fundación que está haciendo muchos otros proyectos humanitarios en Kenya y a la que nos une un gran compromiso sin duda es GREEN AFRICA FUNDATION.


In Ghana we also collaborate with the ambitious project OWN YOUR FUTURE COUNTER DRUG FOUNDATION focused on the education of children and young people of the country in social exclusion. They work promoting personal training and development by relying on sport and very focused especially on helping them get out or avoid contact with drugs and provide them with a personal and professional future.