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“The synergies of the team that we can form will make us more competitive”

What do we offer?


  • Exclusive product
  • The best prices.
  • Great stock
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Corporate advertising
  • Advertising and merchandising (brochures, posters, newspapers, etc.)
  • Marketing and search engine positioning in the store.
  • Corporate web.
  • Exclusive computer system for sales and B2B orders.
  • Technical advice.
  • Advice on establishment design.
  • Advice on decorating the point of sale.
  • Legal advice – labor – accounting.
  • Administrative advice
  • Advice on process analysis.
  • Advice on sales techniques.


What are we looking for?


We look for stores or wholesalers with enough sales capacity to show a wide range of products. Willing to grow and increase your sales and profits.
Always close to the customer. The market every day invites us to be closer to our customers, listening and understanding their needs and desires, we can develop the range of products demanded by them. That’s why we look for allies throughout the national or international territory to transmit those needs and desires so that together we can satisfy the demand of our markets.

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Exclusive product and at the best price always


We manufacture, import and distribute a wide range of exclusive products, with more than 10000 items on offer and with more than 500 references in stock for immediate delivery. All these designed and thought by our team and always based on the functionality and practicality of the product with the most advanced designs and with the most competitive prices in the market.


Advice on design and decoration of the point of sale


If you wish, our design and decoration team projects the 3D design of your establishment. Control and coordinate the realization of the facades and interiors of the stores. Measurements, design of facades, design of interior spaces, product distribution plans in store, technical advice, advice on interior decoration…


Technical, tax, legal, labor and accounting advice


We can help you with any type of concern regarding legislative changes that affect our activity, it is always a huge concern for any trade. From our FULL LEX total advisory platform if you wish, we can advise you and recommend the best steps to be calm in the day to day of your business.


Advertising, image and campaigns in different media “marketing mix”


We have extensive experience and a large team of professionals in advertising and image. At all levels, both radio and press, television and flyers. We have a vast experience of more than 20 years of experience in all fields of advertising and marketing. We also periodically carry out different advertising campaigns, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually depending on the different media and advertising media such as brochures, billboards, trucks, buses, Internet, press, etc.



We use different supports of corporate merchandising, PLV’S, brochure holders, billboards, displays, totems, pyramids, etc. 


Corporate website


With product catalogs, latest offers, list of associated establishments, etc.

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